Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Day In Baseball

Yesterday in baseball the Padres beat the Mets 18-6 in a very high score game. Jerry Hairston Jr. lit the Padres up with a grand slam in the second inning which gave them a one run lead. The Padres pitching has been very good all season. They lead the MLB in shutouts. They also set a PETCO Park record with 18 runs. The Padres are definnitally looking good this year and in my prediction I think they are going to win their division. Also the A's beat up Justin Verlander and the Tigers winning the game 4-1. The A's took three games out of four also leading their division. The Yankees went on to play the Indians at home. In the bottom of the second Derek Jeter was hit by a pitch and later in the seventh after a single came out of the game. Mark Teixeira was intentionally walked which brought up Alex Rodriguez. He hit a grand slam and that really led to the 11-2 victory. The Braves beat the Phillies 9-3, the Marlins beat the Brewers 13-5, the Pirates beat the Cubs 2-1, the Nationals beat the Astros 14-4, the Angels beat the Royals 7-1, the Rockies beat the Giants 4-0, the Cardinals beat the Reds 12-4, the Blue Jays beat the Rays 3-2, the Twins beat the Mariners 5-4 and the Dodgers beat the D-backs 5-4.


  1. Celtics in 6? Bold prediction. Who you got as MVP?

    Can we get some golf coverage in here too?

  2. Rajon Rondo, and yes you can. When the Memorial Tournament starts I'll talk about it.